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Picture Framing

When an object is professionally framed and mounted, the chances of it becoming wrinkled, bent, or damaged are greatly decreased, we must note that framing makes it much easier and more appealing to display.
We stock a variety of picture framing mouldings in our store.
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Poster Framing

Even in the age of digital marketing, posters are a cornerstone in our advertising culture, from movies to promotional material.
They can also be used to create some very cool house decor! Framed posters are the perfect decor to add to your walls if you are a movie lover, comic book addict, or music and pop culture aficionado.
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Bring your photographs to us, and we will suggest the best-looking frames that will complement the photo.
We love fitting decorative edges to your photos to preserve them for a lifetime and make you smile and laugh for all the years to come.
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Needle Works

All the artists who work with a needle, especially in embroidery, needlepoint, tapestry, quilting, and appliqué, we’re sure you want to preserve your artwork for ages.
Let us frame your embroidered fabrics and textiles to keep all the threads safe from being pulled and destroyed.
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Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles can be a big brainteaser, but once all solved, set and sorted, no one wants it to get moved.
To keep the puzzle flat and intact, we can frame it to perfection. We add a thin sheet of foam board, cardboard, wax paper or parchment paper, whichever suitable, for back support.
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